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Friday, 18 February 2011

Invitation to launch of Shaw Premiere at Nex

Here's a short review of Shaw Premiere at Nex, the local cinema chain's entrance into the "luxurious movie-going experience" segment. (Disclaimer: I had been invited to this pre-launch event by Omy.)

Firstly, the tickets are already unique. Instead of the regular card stock, Shaw Premiere tickets are printed on silver-foil card stock. Unfortunately, the contrast of the black ink may not be clear enough if you've poor eyesight, but otherwise, it's a very noticeable indication that this is a different experience.

Dining area
At the second floor, there's a large dining area for Shaw Premiere customers. Here, you can have a casual meal before the movie. Ushers are at your beck and call.

Meal prices are about $10 or more. Snacks, like popcorn, are $5 or more. Drinks are about $4-5. (Prices are based on what I can remember.)

Cinema hall
An usher will also lead you to the cinema hall at the rear. I counted about 70 seats in neat pairs. The soft, comfortable, cushiony seats feature leather upholstery and reclining ability. Note: if you're 1.7m or taller, you should curl your legs up before reclining, otherwise your feet could get trapped!

There are also individual woolen blankets, like the type used in airplanes. These turned out to be really useful because the hall is quite cold. I felt very comfortable all bundled up.

Couples might be disappointed by the seats though -- there's a sturdy, non-removable arm rest between the seats. No hanky-panky allowed when under covers!

Cinema seats and table
You can also order food and drinks while watching your movie. Pressing a little button on the table will summon an usher/waiter.

The movie viewing experience itself was quite good. The movie we watched, "Rabbit Hole", wasn't in digital format, so I can't really tell if Shaw Premiere boasts a better film projector and screen. The sound quality was similar to that at regular cinema halls, though then again, "Rabbit Hole" didn't have a lot of explosive sounds, so the sound system wasn't put to the test.

After the movie, instead of being led to some non-descript staircase, you exit back through the dining area. Which is a good way to end a luxurious movie experience at Shaw Cinema at Nex.

(All pictures are from Shaw Cinema, because (1) we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the cinema hall and (2) I don't have a good camera myself.)